My Father Can't Maintain an Erection & My Mother Misses Sex

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 08:16
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr.Betty,

There's no one I can think of except You for this matter.

I was quite surprised yesterday,my Mom told me about her sex life with my Father. My Mom will be 60 this May and My Father will be 71 this August. The problem is my father has diabetes and he also consume high blood pressure medicine, my Mom told me that it's been 1.5 years since they have no sex and she "quite" misses it and my Father keeps trying but nothing helps since he is not able to have an erection.

I know could help, Dr.Betty. Do You have some suggestions?

I was thinking to buy a vibrator as a gift for my Mom, but I want them to enjoy it both, so father won't feel hurt.

Btw, I'm 30 years old who has tried your vaginal barbell and enjoy it soo much with my husband.

Thank You, Dr.Betty!


Dear S,

It's great that your Mom opened up to you. It's so sad that as couples get older they are still stuck with the old penis in vagina sex. So once the old dick can't get hard sex ends. Now is the time for both of them to enjoy masturbation alone and also stimulating each other. Sharing massage by continuing to engage in touch is also available and so is oral sex. By all means get Mom a Magic Wand and tell her it's also great for massage.

And Dad can use on his genitals as well but he might need to use some kind of fabric to soften the vibes. The sixties is when many couples reinvent their sex lives. One couple I know had a lot of fun and thrills taking photos of each other's genitals and nude pics out in the back yard. Also sharing oral sex took a front role seat. Now is the time to have fun!

Dr. Betty

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