During Her Orgasm I Experience Something Like an Electric Shock

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 08:46
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

As we got older when my wife orgasmed she seemed to secrete something deep in her vagina, probably near her cervix. At the same time she would have extremely powerful contractions that usually forced my penis out. To my question-

During her orgasm I would experience a sensation similar to an electrical shock to the little bumps on the back of my glans. It was wierd in that the sensation was very pleasant and slightly painful, both at the same time. The sensations were ended by the powerful contractions. I'd ejaculate during all that activity, which lasted mebbie 10 seconds.

She had no discomfort and was greatly satisfied when it ended.

Any comment on what the "electrocution" was caused by? Only thing I can think of was some sort of secretion from or near her uterus and triggered by her orgasm. Many thanks for any info on this.

Dear H,

Your wife is having what is called "female ejaculation" that you can read more about by checking out the left hand column on our front page. The fluid is dilute urine with a bit of prostate fluid that comes out of the urethral opening. The other natural lubrication comes from the vaginal lining and uterus that sweats a nice viscus lubrication that varies from woman to woman.

As for the electric shocks, its news to me.I"m sorry but I have no idea what this might be, so I went to the Google god. Lo and behold I find a good answer from a doctor who weighed in with an excellent response. Check it out at . . . .


So we both learned something new today.

Dr. Betty

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