Nudity is the Healing

Sat, 05/18/2013 - 09:13
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Not many New York women know that it's completely and totally legal to go topless anywhere & anytime as long as it's for a "non-commercial" purpose.  You can't charge people to look at your breasts. We owe this privilege to the tireless efforts of performance artist and photographer Holly Van Voast (pictured left).

She's been arrested numerous times for bearing her breasts in public (she went topless at Hooters, a public park and in front of a public school). This year the NYPD is training their officers that they can't arrest women solely for going topless (they can arrest you if your simulating sex or masturbating while topless).

It may seem like gratuitous nudity but I believe that one major healing for America's sexual puritanical posture would be to deem woman's breasts as legal.

Not only on the beach for sunbathing but also for mothers breast feeding an infant in a public setting or for any woman who wants her bare breasts to part of her costume at a party or in a parade. I went topless in SF during a gay pride parade and again at a fundraiser for decriminalizing prostitution. Of course every summer I spent on Fire Island or Montauk NY was always at a clothing optional or nude beach.

Recently, a major study found that nudity provides health benefits for your mind and body. Infants who have "naked time" enjoy unhampered range of motion which increased neuron development. The benefits go on and on.

We do our bodysex workshops in the nude.  During our last workshop after we all got dressed one of the women remarked, "I don't want to be in these clothes. I feel better naked".

Nudity is the healing.

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Many Texans agree!

Ron The Logician's picture
Tue, 03/31/2015 - 21:08

In light of recent history, I'm sure some people fear that Texas is full of nothing but Bible-thumping war criminals. The truth is, that while sometimes a brutal majority might intimidate those who disagree into silence, in the modern digital world it is increasingly impossible to prevent the common people from learning about the world at large and rejecting outdated malevolent thinking - even if their numbers might still be too small to brave local political confrontations.

If you think everyone in Texas is like George W. Bush, then please hit Netflix, Amazon or whatever and watch the film The Last Picture Show and its lesser-known sequel, Texasville. The often tolerant and fun-loving spirit of these fictional venues, vital despite the challenges of hardship and social disapproval, is alive and well in parts of Texas even today. Thus, when I saw the Dallas, Texas performance linked here, I was reminded that Betty had made the posting above, and thought that this song would not go unappreciated.

P.S. Why does the content management system of this Website keep adding the word "new" to my Subject line?

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