I Use Magazines as Masturbation Sleeves

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 08:44
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dearest Betty,

My masturbation technique is in you book "Sex for One" as "Larry S. from Poughkeepsie" a fictious name...I sent you a VHS video also in the early 1990s of me masturbating by stroking a womans magazine and climaxing which you enjoyed!

I am still masturbating twice daily by stroking magazines such as Ladies'HomeJOurnal, GoodHousekeeping, Redbook, Woman'sDay, Woman'sWOrld, WeightWatchers, OPRAH magazine, ESSENCE magazine, COSMOPOLITAN!!!, GLAMOUR, VOGUE, MARIE CLAIRE, ELLE, Bazaar, SELF, WomansHealth and still do it with SEVENTEEN!!! (did I forget any?)

I also enjoy masturbating with the NewYorkTImes newspaper everyday!!!, It's so enjoyable and erotic!!! I love the full page ads of lovely women and the Styles section on thursdays and Sundays. I love powdering my cock and putting it inside the newspaper and stroking, feels so good, I just had to tell someone who understands, and that's you Betty!!

I also got into crossdressing in the 90s and love it. Its an escape to womanhood and love having sex with other crossdressers who turn me on, I know you understand this too!! and approve of this Im sure!!..

Would love to hear from you Betty...My enfemme name is "Hillary", after my sex idol, Hillary Clinton!! I would love to lick her clitoris!!

Happy orgasms for sure...


Dear H,

Nice to know your JO is holding up nicely. Mine too, but I masturbate to fantasies I create in my dirty mind. I remember how I thought you were masturbating while looking at pictures of women. Nope! You had your powdered penis inside the powdered page actually coming on their image. I'd say that's quite creative other than being limited to pretty women. In my imagination I have sex with all kinds of people of all ages including aliens and animals. It's wonderful to know there are some of us who are enjoying our own creative versions of sex and orgasms that also includes variety, the spice of life. Let's continue to Enjoy ourselves!

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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