When He Ejaculates There are Mysterious Brown Drips on the Comforter

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 08:24
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I am your hugest fan and met you when I was a student at Barnard - you opened my eyes to my own body and sexual healing, and I thank you for that eternally. I am dating a wonderful man with a perfect penis and body, and mind and spirit to go with it. We have great sex. But..recently..during the last two times we had vaginal intercourse, a brown feces smelling liquid/discharge came out of him anally.

The first time he was on top and withdrew after cumming and then two big drops of this came from him and fell on the comforter...and smelled like feces. We had no anal play or anything. We checked the condom and nothing brown was on it so it didn't come from me, and there was nothing on the sheet underneath where I laid nor on my anus...so I asked him to wipe. When he wiped he said there was nothing on the toilet paper from his bum wipe....so we washed the sheets and moved on with life.

The next time we had sex, I started on top then we switched and he came on top. He hadn't yet ejaculated when we noticed drops of the same brown stuff on the sheet. It was much further down then my anus so it has to be coming from him and there were several drops, likely that fell as he was thrusting. Smelled the same, looked the same. But again, he wiped, and there was nothing coming from his anus. I am so confused. He didn't experience any discomfort nor did I. He didn't feel any secretions during intercourse. This seems abnormal. I've never come across this in my reading and learning and experiences with men. Can you shed some light on this? What type of doctor should he see?

Thank you so much!

Dear N,

This one is a first for me so I'm clearly guessing here. Since we can all agree it is shit because the smell is undeniable, one possible explanation is that those drops are released as his sphincter muscle flexes right before or during his orgasmic release. It would be similar to when some women can feel uterine contraction when we come. I remember the time I was giving my lover a combo mouth and hand orgasm while sitting between his legs. I clearly saw his anus actually flutter as he ejaculated much to my visual delight. Nothing was expelled but obviously similar muscles were involved. The most confusing part was that no fecal matter was found on the toilet paper wipe.

Now your research begins. Look at his diet. Does he bear down on the pelvic floor muscle to hold back his ejaculation? Took an enema and failed to empty the enema water left over? Does he ever have diarrhea? I wouldn't worry too much if it never happens again. But if it does and you've come up with no answers, a trip to his urologist would be in order. I'll also forward this to our men's sex expert Paul Nelson as we search for answers on drops of liquid anal poop during male ejaculation. What a title.

Dr. Betty

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