How Can I Make My Penis Thicker?

Fri, 03/22/2013 - 10:21
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr Betty

I have written to you before about other things but this one issue has been haunting me for some time. I am 24 and got my first blowjob a few months back. The girl told me that though my penis is long enough, it is thin (I measured- it is 6' long and 4' thick). Since then I have been afraid of sex, especially afraid of showing women my organ and then getting ridiculed by them. From my female friends I know they make fun of guys' penises behind their back and in fact love to brag about their men's cocks if it is a 'big fat cock'.

I have been frantically searching for food and exercises that can make my penis thicker (I am talking of cardio type exercise that improve blood circulation and food like oysters and dark chocolate and berries, I tried jelqing but it is frustrating). I don't know how to get over my shame and fear of having a 4' thin dick. Any help will be much appreciated.

Dear J,

Girls can be very cruel so forget this unfortunate incident. Chances are good that she's been having sexual intercourse for years without ever having an orgasm. The battle between the sexes rages on! The truth is that even a finger feels good inside a vagina when done well. And oralsex is how most women can have an orgasm so become more focused on other aspects of sex with women other than fucking and the size of your dick.

Even with a fat cock, most women still need some form of direct clitoral stimulation. Get my e-book "Orgasms for Two" and learn more about female sexuality so you can develop more advanced sexual skills besides, "sticking it in" and coming with her going without an orgasm.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Move on

Sat, 03/23/2013 - 08:45

That is disturbing to me that a girl would comment like that about your body, and that your self image has been affected by her rudeness. Penises come in all different shapes and sizes. I've never met one I didn't like! Instead of focusing on that one girl's comments and being afraid to have other experiences, I think you should seek out other girls and you will find out that most people are kind and appreciative. After enjoying sharing your body with others, you will quickly forget about the rude girl. 
I have found in my life that most times when someone is compelled to be mean or harsh, it is because it is a their coping mechanism to deal with their own low esteem. So don't dwell on one she said. Move on. If anything like that happens again, tell her to fuck off. People like that are not worth your time.

Sounds good enough for me

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 20:25

It doesn't sound like there's anything wrong with you, I'm sure plenty of women would be pleased with what you have to offer. Some girls are affected by what they see in porn just like men are. 

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