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Mon, 04/16/2012 - 13:35
Submitted by Betty Dodson

The following websites come from a friend of mine who has been restoring his foreskin. He's in his late forties.

We had dinner recently on his way to China (he's a world traveler) and he showed me his results. Very impressive. His penis looks completely natural with his new foreskin. The email he sent shows the particular method he used to restore:

Hi BAD, forgot to send you links to the DTR (dual tension restorer) website - it's my method-of-choice:

this is the basic device:

I’m not right-brain’ed and hardly an artist, but I can appreciate aesthetics to a limited extent. see what you think of this gallery of natural men?

these are healthy, vital, appealing images of the normal, vigorous male form, see what you think?

I’m sort of wondering, aesthetically, about the fully endowed manhood, from an artistic standpoint? There’s something “whole” about it, it’s just obvious, but it has a certain quality to it, the partial (circumcised) penis looks like it’s trying to “scream”. How does it strike you? Does that make sense? The exposed glans just seems “inappropriate” to a flaccid state. It’s inappropriate, vulgar, coarse. While the “tucked in”, neat, “discrete” sort of look of a fully endowed manhood has a definite masculine, reserved, disciplined, ordered semblance. Does this make sense?

My response: Yes, it makes sense. You have simply described your personal sense of esthetics. Since I grew up with brothers and a father none of whom were circumcised, the first penises I saw were natural. However, my husband was a Jew and his circumcision left him with a hole further up on his shaft that he had to keep clean. He was also a premature ejaculator which I now think was related to this cruel cut!

My first long term lover as a gay divorce was not circumcised. I think we need to reach first time mothers who are the ones that give the doctor permission to circumcise their baby boys. Change comes slow in the medical field especially when its related to making some extra money!

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Mon, 04/16/2012 - 19:02
BorderReiver (not verified)

Thanks Betty for weighing in, in favor of the intact or restored man.  I was wondering how that dinner meeting went, since you had mentioned it to me a few days ago.
There are a number of Brothers at
who have stayed the course and have achieved the goal of a natural looking foreskin.  Most cannot be distinguished from an intact one.
The difficulty that we face, is that once the decision is made to get on with it, we want quick results, and that can't happen.  I started manual tugging a decade ago, but didn't stay with it
If I had, I would be all done now. 

Perhaps one day, genital mutilation of infants will come to an end.  People are hard to convince though.
Tim in Idaho