I Have Orgasms in My Sleep

Thu, 12/09/2010 - 09:45
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Dr. Betty! :)

I was just wondering if it is unusual or not for women to wake up from having orgasms while they're sleeping? I recall one night not too long ago where I had gone to sleep a bit aroused.. A few hours later I woke up & my vaginal muscles were contracting & I was in mid orgasm.. Not exactly the worst way to wake up by any means, but I was just curious if that's unusual at all? lol

Also, I've masturbated for 6 hours straight one time.. Do women have anything to be worried about in regards to blood flow to their clitoris or not? I know men should go to the hospital or see a doctor if they have erections that last more than 4 hours, so I was wondering if that was the case for women as well. I don't want to injure myself. It was a good time, though. LOL :)

Thanks for your help and for your time! It's very much appreciated!

Dear C,

Waking up from sleep mid orgasm is delightful. It only happened to me when I was a teen. However my mother said she had them more frequently after she stopped having sex with my father. But after I gave her a vibrator and she started masturbating they disappeared. We hear about men and their wet dreams but women having a similar response is rarely mentioned.

In 1953, Alfred Kinsey, found that nearly 40 percent of women interviewed experienced at least one nocturnal orgasm during sleep by the time they were 45. A smaller study published in the Journal of Sex Research in 1986 found that 85 percent of the women who had experienced nocturnal orgasms had done so by the age of 21. Girls and women who don't have orgasms in their sleep, or who don't know whether or not they've had them, are perfectly normal.

As for your second question my answer is no, a four hour session of masturbation for a woman is not a problem. When it comes to sexual arousal and orgasms we can be bottomless pits. This thought frightens some men, especially those who just fuck for a couple of minutes and then roll over and go to sleep. I believe that's one of the reasons female sexuality has been kept hidden for so long.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Masturbating in my dreams wakes me up to a throbbing clit

krystalmcb's picture
Thu, 02/25/2016 - 06:34

I am 51and occasionally when I'm sleeping, I will wake up and be at the beginning of an orgasm. This has been occurring for well over 20 years. They are sporadic but seem to happen more often when more than a week goes by without having sex with my husband, or not finding time for self play. They actually start within the dream I'm having. No matter what I'm doing in the dream, whether it's driving or walking, out in public, grocery shopping etc, I start rubbing myself I always-always, wake up from the dream with my clit on fire! I then touch my clit by indirectly pushing in from the side of my labia on my clit. She immediately starts to throb along with my vaginal muscles. It's amazing how the brain controls you in this way. When trying to orgasm any other time when I'm awake, it takes a few minutes of stimulation to achieve this bliss! Not in my sleep! I don't have to do anything, it's all ready to "pop" when I wake and my hand immediately reaches for myself. Recently this happened early on a Sunday morning. My husband woke me up at 5:00am and we make love for about a half hour. Afterwards I went back to sleep and he stayed in bed beside me to watch TV. While asleep, I was dreaming I was at work and started tribbing against my office desk. Of course I woke with a burning clit to which I pressed on and she throbbed hard. My husband had no idea of what I had just done as he lay beside me awake. I told him what had just occurred with me and explained how that's never happened right after having sex. Well, of course that was a turn on for him and brought on round 2 of the morning....and round 3 for me!!!