Will I Still Ejaculate After My Hysterectomy?

Wed, 07/21/2010 - 14:04
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty,

I am 57 post menopausal woman and I have been on Bio-Identical hormones for four years. I'm 5 weeks post op after a vaginal hysterectomy. Kept ovaries but uterus and cervix were removed. I also had a A & P repair due to pelvic prolapse. I am highly sexual, fantastic orgasms and I also ejaculate, always have. So, now my question, what can I expect with sexual function? And is it still possible to ejaculate (cum, squirt gush ;-) after all of this repair work.

Please help.... And I should say I am highly motivated. I have a gorgeous 35 yo old lover/play partner with a fairly large penis ( another concern) HELP

Dear M,

Since I am a sexologist and not an MD, these surgeries are somewhat of a mystery to me. From what I read online, the prolapse (or dropping) of the uterus, bladder or colon into the vaginal canal are almost always done along with a hysterectomy. (Not necessary in all cases). If your bladder was the only part involved and not the urinary tract which is surrounded by the urethral sponge (erectile tissue related to female ejaculation which is only a teaspoon or so) I would speculate that you will still "ejaculate."

Since I'm not a big fan of G-spot or squirting, I would think this would be the least of your concerns. You say you have always ejaculated. Perhaps it was due to a weakened pelvic floor muscle. Now that you are recovering, it is not advisable to bear down or strain during urination, defecation or intercourse. One woman said she "pushed out" because her lover liked the feeling.

Ultimately any kind of long term straining will eventually weaken the PC muscle leading to urinary incontinence or prolapse of bladder, etc. While I understand the desire for vaginal orgasmic fucking especially with a viral young lover, (My book Orgasms for Two is based on my relationship with a younger man) it's still our clitorises that are the center for orgasms. So now you can educate me about your recovery and what you can do or what restrictions you might discover.

By all means spend some time on the Internet reading up on this surgery for organ prolapse. Dr. Kegel designed his exercises to avoid or replace surgery for this common problem. I just recently learned there is a controversy as to the best way to exercise the pelvic floor (PC) muscles. I'm in a constant state of changing my mind as I learn something new each day. Please keep me posted so I'll have more information about your sexual pleasure recovery, an essential topic rarely discussed. Just go slow and put your recovery first for now.

Dr. Betty

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Orgasm and ejaculation post hysterectomy

Wed, 07/21/2010 - 15:06
marki (not verified)

My lady had EVERYTHING removed twelve years ago due to endomitriosis and other problems and she has powerful orgasms. She doesn't ejaculate as such....she does not gush or squirt....but she does produce a great deal of fluid with each orgasm,it just flows out and I lap up every drop .....whether it be by masturbation or by oral stimulation. We never have had much penis-in-vagina sex.....nearly all our sex is either mutual masturbation or oral. We still have occasional penis-in-vagina sex once in a while...she says she does that to remind herself of how much better the manual/oral is!

The fluid that she produces is mildly salty and the taste drives me nuts. The only thing I like better than having her come while I am licking and sucking her vulva and clit is....having her do it AGAIN!

I might add that we are in her age range.... I am sixty..... she is fifty-four and multi-orgasmic.... sometimes having four or five in a session.....so I don't think M has much to be concerned with. Just give her body time to heal and get over the trauma of surgery and things will be rockin' like normal in no time.

Thank you Betty and Carlin for all the good things you do!


My wife had a procedure like

Wed, 07/21/2010 - 16:31
Used to be BIG Guy (not verified)

My wife had a procedure like the one written and she had no problem having orgasms, BUT we had to switch to oral sex because of the pain incurred during intercourse. Oral sex and Intercourse are much different but our sex life is still very enjoyable for both of us.

orgasm hysterectomy

Sun, 07/25/2010 - 15:14
Sandra_Butterfly (not verified)

I have really good orgasms post -hysterectomy... I am have mini-ones prior to the finale and the follow up that is so satisfying... I don't have a partner so this is self play... I have followed closely your rock n roll technique... It is really successful... I love you for it Betty..

I have experience a some fluid once or twice and did not prior to the surgery is interesting...

I focus on the clitty for my pleasure and it is always good... I have heard stories of sexual dysfunction

post-hysterectomy... I think your rock n roll relax and contract, inhale exhale has saved me from that disappointment. Also understanding women orgasm model is not male like is very important too...

Thank you Betty for starting this discussion... I think so many women give up the sexy life post-hysterectomy as sacrifice for finding freedom from the pain and discomfort and embarrassment of extreme periods and other associated issues.

I really appreciate you and Carlin...
Thanks Betty

Hi I had a hystorectomy july

Wed, 07/27/2011 - 16:47
k t (not verified)

Hi I had a hystorectomy july 2009 the doc. left 1 ovary left but now when I have sex with my partner I am dry like it feels really good but nothing comes out do you think that it normal?

Over 60 FE

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 23:09
Old Lovers (not verified)

My wife had an oophorectomy years ago, and she generates plenty of arousal lubrication. We supplement it a little with KY Ultragel. Generally, after mutual masturbation and extended breast dry nursing, I'll bring her to her O with a combination of anal massage and finger penetration (increasing the penetration as she ramps up to her O), plus a two finger technique to penetrate deep in her vagina and massage her G-spot. When she Os, I can feel significant FE on my fingers in her vagina and feel it seep out. There is no question that my wife generates FE - she and I experience it in terms of volume, flow, and wetness. So, yes, FE is possible for an older woman with no ovaries!

Post Radical Hysterectomy

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 10:55

My wife had real bad Periods every other month then for two years prior she was bleeding for two to three weeks amonth 10 to 15 super tampons and pads until she was 58 she had great orgasms with the Hitachi thanks to Ms Betty's recomendation. However at 58 we both studied the problem and said enough is enough.  We talked to the Gyno, he said it is time so we scheduled an eblasion.... The Doctor said something is realy wrong in here. took biops could not find problem, he aluded to the C word he moved to a partial Hysto. trying to save cervix, one ovary, then he found the problems.. He said i need to take everything, so what will stay.... nothing it all has to come out. After 8 hrs of Surgery and post test its done not mention that the little insissions turned into Hip bone to Hip bone almost cut into my words. We were told by hundreds that sex is over.
That was simply not true after one year. She asked for the Hitachi and I was more than happy to oblige. this was 3 months Post Op and has not stopped. I am 63 and I am becomming the problem....  Finally all we lost was the great ejaculations she used to have. O well.. Great and do not stop trying.  I hope this helps someone.