Fantasize I'm a Victorian Woman Being Treated for Hysteria

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 07:37
Submitted by Betty Dodson

I've got a kind of...odd..fetish. I adore the Victorian era and have fantasies of being treated for 'hysteria' in the way that women were in those days...with a vibrator, the kind from the 1800s which was invented precisely for this purpose. How do I find people who share this fetish? Where can I buy a vintage vibrator or a modern one that resembles those from the 1800s? Am I crazy for having a fantasy like this?

Dear H,

I am the last person who would judge a person's fantasy as crazy! I think your Victorian fantasy is adorable. I know there are vintage vibes still hanging around so try ebay or Craigs list or start asking your friends. That will also help you find someone who might want to share your fantasy. Than tell us how it turned out.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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There is a museum

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 14:23
WildOrchid (not verified)

I think Carol Queen created a museum with antique vibes. It was mentioned in promos for Orgasm Inc.

"or the vibrator play"

Sun, 05/30/2010 - 22:57
LillianV (not verified)

You may be excited to know that playwright Sarah Ruhl has explored this exact topic in her new play, "IN THE NEXT ROOM or the vibrator play." It looks very interesting, and is definitely comical, but also touches on more serious topics that deal with love and marriage. I'd love to see it some day!

Check out these links to learn about the Broadway production, which ran Oct 2009-Jan 2010 at Lincoln Center Theater. There are even video clips! :D

Doesn't it look fantastic?

Victorian era! and robots!

Sat, 07/17/2010 - 20:41
Tht (not verified)

You are gonna love this comic!

And I also wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog. You are a tremendous inspiration.

since others are throwing in

BellaFigura's picture
Sun, 07/18/2010 - 10:37

since others are throwing in suggestions...this might help add texture to your fantasy.  A film called Psychopathia Sexualis which has various kink vignettes(including supposed hysteria in menopausal women) based on actual case studies from the book Psychopathia Sexualis written by Richard von Krafft-Ebing in 1886.  His work in insane asylums is a pre-cursor to Freud's and his book was THE "sexual psychology manual" of the Victorian era and beyond.  The movie script and pacing is so-so but the costume and designs are right on...

have to agree with Betty, your Victorian sounds like lots of fun...gotta love the Victorians, all angst and repression...


Oh no! I wish I would have

Thu, 07/22/2010 - 16:45
Christina Cicchelli (not verified)

Oh no! I wish I would have seen this sooner. The Road to Wellville is my recommendation. Sexual hijinks at Dr. Harvey Kellogg's sanitarium. One scene features Bridget Fonda getting "her womb manipulated" by a German doctor... later they take this therapy outside for a group session.

It's a funny one to watch, personally I got off on a few of their scenes so you might enjoy them too! No vibes, but I think this takes place just as the Victorian era was ending, which I believe fuels the sexual conflict in this particular film.

As far as vibes go, be careful of the antiques. Cleaning them and maintenance are far different than our modern toys. I don't know if I'd go on CL or ebay looking for sex toys, especially if you're going to use them. Even if someone designed it to look like an old timey sex toy, be cautious of the materials used.

There were also different types of vibes during that era. There was the hand-cranked, then eventually came the steam-powered vibe. Many of these toys had a number of different components, including different head pieces. Perhaps if you get someone to make it for you, they can design the major body of the vibe (the handle) to look vintage, but then have a separate head (which will have direct contact with your genitals) made of silicone or something safe. That way you can remove it and clean whenever necessary!

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