Students Plead with School District to Change How Sex Ed is Taught

Sat, 02/27/2010 - 12:58
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Connie Schultz covers the story of two Midwest teenagers - Daniel Sparks and Jelena Loncar - who stood before their city's school board and essentially pleaded that the grown-ups in charge change how sex education is taught in their district.  It's time we listen to our children rather than some miserable
sexually controlling Christian adult who isn't having any sexual fun
and wants to ruin it for the rest of us.  These kids impress me:

Daniel: "Operation Keepsake has made me question education as a whole, for while they scared us into understanding what could go wrong, they afforded us no information on how things could go right," he said. "On how to protect ourselves, on the effectiveness of contraception, and empowering us with knowledge to make the right decisions before making the wrong ones."

"As a gay student," he asked, "how can I be expected to uphold a standard of abstinence until marriage when I live in a state where I cannot marry?" Daniel's classmate who spoke, 16-year-old Jelena Loncar, borrowed from Operation Keepsake's own language to blast the curriculum for promoting gender stereotypes.

Jelena: "I personally don't view men as predators or protectors. And I certainly don't view myself as a treasure or a target. I found it insulting and undermining that Operation Keepsake reduced me to a social stereotype."

In Germany, sex education is compulsory for pupils aged eight upwards, and opting-out on religious or cultural grounds is not allowed (thank you, anon, for the link).


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