My Urethral Opening is Above My Clitoris!

Tue, 12/22/2009 - 11:29
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hello Dr. Betty,

I'm 35 and have finally decided it was time to have my first orgasm. Sad, but true. Blame it on being raised in a traditional household where sexuality was not discussed. Anyhow, your guides have been very informative--thank you. Unfortunately, I have discovered that my urethral opening is located above my tiny clitoris. I can not find any information about this online--and am beginning to panic. Do you know what the defect is called--and what should I do??

Thank you,

Dear M,

First congratulations on taking sexual pleasure into your own hands. Second: Do not panic for I'm sure you are mistaken about the placement of your urethra or the location of your clitoris. If at all possible, send a jpeg of your vulva and let me see for myself. If that's not possible, describe how you examined yourself. Was this the first time you looked? Was it like I suggest in First Time Orgasm? If it is as you say, you get included in Ripleys' Believe it or Not.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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urethra placement

Fri, 01/01/2010 - 01:19
Anonymous (not verified)

As a Registered Nurse I have catheterized and noticed placement of urethras in the "wrong" places. I have went to catheterize someone and we simply couldn't find the urethra. Yes, as anatomically correct women they are usually in the correct place. However, over a number of years... I have seen urethras inside the actual vagina on the upperside of the vagina, above the clitoris, and to the side of the labia.
If she's truly correct in her view of where this is it...and she is 35 years old she should have been followed by a physician at some point for annual follow ups and I would suspect this would have been noted on a physical exam.
Perhaps she is incorrect and not familiar with herself and a mention to her physician, or nurse practiioner may shed some light on her situation.

Reply to: My Urethral Opening is Above My Clitoris!

Fri, 10/28/2016 - 15:29
Anonymous Please (not verified)

Hi Dr Betty
In response to the question above.  My urethra is also above my clitoris... I've known this for years, but actually thought it was normal until recently.  It still works, so I'm not worried about it.  Just thought this lady needs to know she's not the only one.  Thanks.

I found this thread because I

Sun, 08/06/2017 - 23:39
Arby (not verified)

I found this thread because I have the same anatomy. My urethra is above my clitoris. I always thought that there was something wrong with me. Im glad to see that Im not the only one.

I searched and found this thread...

Fri, 10/13/2017 - 00:11
Moira (not verified)

Because my urethra is also located above my clitoris!  I know for certain because I actually squatted and dipped my head and watched my urine stream come right out of the hole above my clitoris.  I do have another hole my vagina, in the place diagrams say it should be but no urine comes out of it.
Interestingly, I did find out through googling that female hyenas also have urethras above their clitoris. I'm a mutant!  I find this quite fascinating, honestly.  I haven't had any issues from it, aside from a small bit of smegma along my clitoris if I don't pull back the hood and thoroughly clean but other than that no difference.