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We Decided to Start a Club for Disabled People to Find Partners

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 09:04
Submitted by Tuppy Owens

My name is Tuppy and I'm a British ex-zoologist turned sex book publisher and writer.

I published the international Sex Maniacs Diary for 24 years: 1972-1995. I caught up with Betty in New York, interviewing her for a book, and then I helped publicise her work a bit.

Back in 1979, a colleague who had been distributing the diary finally lost his sight. Quite quickly he lost most of his friends and his beautiful girlfriend as well. Going blind is one of my biggest fears, so I was determined to support him. He was a real sexpot and had always had women around him, so missed this and I thought that if he got a sex life again, he may cheer up.