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I'm A Shameless Nudist Masturbator

Tue, 06/15/2004 - 23:00
Submitted by Anonymous

Hi Betty -

I just wanted to quickly thank you for being the "Championess" of Masturbation and Masturbators like myself. It's wonderful that you supply a candid, tasteful honest resource for those who are perhaps new to the idea of masturbating, and are perhaps a little concerned that they might be weird or something, and need re-assurance that it's Ok, natural, normal and healthy to want to do youself.

I'm a completely shameless, insatiable masturbator, I never pass up an opportunity to enjoy myself. Since I'm also a nudist, I'm doubly fortunate that anytime I become aroused, I can just take matters into my own hands, and enjoy myself without the bother of having to undress. I know of almost nothing that feels as good as rubbing my cock in the sunshine.

Can't Come With a Partner :(

Thu, 05/13/2004 - 23:00
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty:

I'm an 18 year-old girl, and have had my sexual experiences, but throughout my sex life, I have NEVER had an orgasm. I have faked them more times than I can count, but have never really had one with a man. I masturbate quite often as I find it the only way to have an orgasm. I just don't get it; I can have one by myself, but never with my boyfriend. Is there something wrong with me?? Will I ever be able to have an orgasm with a man?? Please write back with suggestions etc.

Masturbated Together & Now Sex Better

Tue, 05/11/2004 - 23:00
Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Betty:

I've just finished rereading Sex for One for at least the fouth time while indulging in a wonderful, prolonged masturbation session. Bless you for the pleasure you've helped to create for men and women everywhere!

I love to write erotica for Jeri, my wife and Stuart and Nancy, our new friends and lovers. Some of my best work is done in between intense "build-up sessions" and the glorious orgasmic finish. I love to "peak" my hormones.

Can a Guy Tell You're a Virgin?

Fri, 07/04/2003 - 23:00
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi there Dr. Betty,

I'm in my mid 20's & for various reasons I'm still a virgin. This may sound like a stupid question but would a guy be able to tell I was a virgin when I have sex for the first time? Would it be obvious or am I better off telling him - being a virgin in your mid 20's makes you seem a bit like an anti social freak.

Thanks, D

Dear D,

First Orgasm at 36!

Wed, 05/21/2003 - 23:00
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I am a 36-year-old straight woman who wrote you a couple of days ago asking how to a make private session appointment. Due to a recent affair and being abstinent for most of my life, I became extremely aware of how uncomfortable I am with myself sexually, and the fact that I have never felt that I have had an orgasm bothered me immensely.

My Wife Feels Guilty Looking at Porn

Wed, 01/01/2003 - 00:00
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

I love to look at porn. My wife likes to look at times too but feels guilty. We feel like it is a sin, but enjoy it so much. Do you think porn can ruin a marriage? If I look at porn I feel so guilty. I just love my wife and family so much. Sometimes when my wife finds out I look at porn she is so hurt. Why do men struggle with porn so much. I wish I could just not look at it. Do a lot of men struggle with this? -- J

Dear J,

Couldn't Masturbate Until the Hitachi

Thu, 03/28/2002 - 00:00
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty

I have been a "fan" of yours for years. I first heard of you when I was a pre-teen and was taking sex-ed classes in school. Though the teachers would never tell us about things like masturbation ("masturbation is when someone touches themselves sexually, next question...") I was lucky enough to have good family friends that would tell us all about your books and the work you have done. I really attribute self-love to my sexual success.

You Gave Me Courage to Leave Horrible Marriage

Sun, 05/21/2000 - 23:00
Submitted by Betty Dodson


Thank you for all you have done. Your candor and talent has freed a lot of trapped souls, including my own. I know you must receive many emails with thank-you's for all you have done. You are talented and beautiful and I only wish I had found out about you and your work earlier on in my life.

My mother raised me and my sister as catholics. I have had problems with guilt and shame because of that. Unfortunately, just as my mother and I became friends and we began to share our problems about sex and masturbation, she died suddenly of a stroke at the age of 49. I wish I could have given her a copy of your book, as I know it would have freed her soul in so many ways.