Is There Life After 60?

Post Menopausal Female Clitoris
Post Menopausal Female Clitoris
Post Menopausal Female Clitoris
Post Menopausal Female Clitoris

Hi, Betty~!

Having recently been liberated from the mores of my upbringing, I have now realized that I was only living a "partial" life! I am a post menopausal woman 62 yrs of age. As a young girl growing into young adulthood, I was reared in a home of the old fashioned nature. The process of maturing into a young woman was not discussed. I was never told what to expect of even the simplest issues puberty and the bodily functions of growing from a child to a young woman. I had to go the road alone.

I barely knew what was happening to me when I encountered my first menstrual period. I do remember being told "don't touch it" once when I was seen watching TV sitting with my feet crossed under me and I was rocking and bouncing on my heels...boy, that felt good! But I was not supposed to do that and I didn't even know what it was that was wrong with "it".

Fast forward all the way past mid-life into my over-50 years...I never had an orgasm my entire life until a girlfriend and client of mine became very close to me, we shared all the girl talk, when she had her breast augmentation, when she got her new beaus, etc...we partied together and had so much fun. She taught me about vibrators and how to masturbate...that was when I had my very first orgasm...I used to spend 5 or 6 hours a day in bed on my days off, sometimes to just feel the wonderful new sensation of ~ORGASM~! Ahhhhh...wonderful, glorious, marvelous ORGASM!

It was not until much later when I shaved myself for the first time that I discovered an amazing part of my anatomy. The Clitoris! I found out from experimentation that most all the feeling for orgasm comes from my big beautiful clitoris. All the nerves must be there for creating that marvelous feeling that leads me everytime to an earthshattering incredible mind blowing orgasm.

I have a husband that thinks that masturbation is wrong...therefore I have hidden my deeper sexuality from him, it's so sad, he's such a great man and lover...but nonetheless thinks I should keep my playing to him and not touchy myself., I have to hide my "magic wand" and my toys and wait til he is off to work before I can enjoy the simple wonderous act of self pleasure. I masturbate (depending on my level of hormonal upheavel) at least once a day and sometimes several times a day. (Thank goodness for Hitachi!) Im so spoiled, it would be difficult to get along without my "wand".

Anyway, this is my essay, my pictures are included and I hope you enjoy them. It's so wonderful to finally find a place that I can be ME and share my sexuality and great blessings of body parts with my friends here on your website. You, Betty have made a way for so many of us that would otherwise have no place to share the deeper levels of our humanity. For this I extend to you a great deal of gratitude for forging the way for so many of us! Bless you and thank you for your life and work! Dina Blackburn


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life and sex after 60--for sure!

Mon, 11/07/2011 - 20:08

Hi Dina,
Yes there is life and sex after 60. I'm 61 and still very sexed.
I love your shaved pussy by the way.. 
Your clit is amazing, so big and well...aroused? ...makes me want to lick all around it!
Fair showed us your cock pics are in the gallery at:
Happy masturbating...


Wed, 07/25/2012 - 12:44

your clit is so amazing! IT reminds me of my lost love, her clit looked like yours :)