Love My Penis Pump

Love My Penis Pump
Love My Penis Pump

Dear Betty,

I love using a pump. The photo of my cock illustrates how I look after doing the the "pump thing." Shaving helps the pump tube form a tighter seal on the base of your shaft. Notice how plump and defined pumping makes my cut foreskin.

Some claim that through pumping, you can recover up to 80% of your foreskin. I can say, mine now rests at the base of my glans, almost like an uncut cock with the foreskin pulled back.

After a cock pump session, I love the way my cock flops around.

When the head is nice and heavy, I like to pull out of my GF during sex and gently smack-smack-smack her pussy and especially her swollen clit with my glans.

Pumping, for me, has promoted a more mushroom shaped cock-head; this is great for shallow-stroke fucking. Careful not to pop out, I will slowly draw back so my corona is pulling her pussy toward me; then I will just sort of jiggle it.

Now, just look at the pics. Doesn't that look like it would be fun to play with? Well, you bet it is. One additional point guys, getting in shape and losing your belly will make your dick bigger, and it will look much bigger too.

So here is my cock. It had a raging, pumped hard-on a few minutes ago. The trouble is, when my hard on is raging, I am not thinking about taking pictures; just blowing my load. Then passing out.



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Sun, 08/30/2009 - 22:11
fadentime (not verified)

I pump as often as I can & cum just about every time. The color of my cock matched this piece of meat real well. I was headed to bed but now I'll have to go pump for two hours . Oh JOY !!!!!! LOVE that MEAT !!!!!!

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