First Masturbation Session

Normal State of Beeing
Loving Care
A Grower!
Oiled Scrotum
Nice Relaxation
Shaft With Veins

I started masturbating when I was 11 years old. I was playing Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation. I remember being very aroused, going to the toilet to pee, beeing rock hard and thinking that I might try to masturbate.

You see, me and my friends where talking about it in recess at school, and my best friend had tried it and said he loved it!

He was encouraging me to try it, but for some reason I was hesitant.  Afraid of what happened if I got caught I guess. But with my parents leaving for the grocery store, I had the house for myself for at least 30 minutes.

I sat down in my chair, started playing again and slipped my hand down my trousers. I gripped my dick and started moving the skin back and forth. Back then I couldn't drag my foreskin over my glans, it was too tight. Looking back, that gave a nice effect with the foreskin massaging the glans. While masturbating, I tried to continue playing the game!

Snake was in an airduct, crawling forward, and I couldn't keep him going straight because of the arousing excitement! Every time I play that section of the game, it brings back a lot of memories :)

I continued for about 15 minutes before I came. As far as climax goes, before I began to ejaculate (I think I was 15 years old), when I orgasmed, it was like an intense feeling of needing to pee. So when I orgasmed the first time, I gripped my dick hard and tensed up together with the extremely exciting emotions, rocking a little back and forth, breathing. It was kind of great, with some feelings of "I mustn't get caught"'edness and a little "Ooh, I mustn't do that again"'ishness. But oh, I was hooked. Already the next day, when I got hard, I ran to the shower, stripped naked, started the water and jerked off excitedly.

What an awesome discovery, this masturbation!

My techniques, fetishes, turn-ons and fantasies waves back and forth, trying something new, returning to the old. It's interesting pushing some boundaries, and also important to sometimes know which boundaries keep me happy. I leave them alone for another day :)