Cuming Climbing a Tree

Cuming Climbing a Tree
Cuming Climbing a Tree

Hi Dr. Betty,

I remember my first orgasm at about the age of 12 or so when I was climbing a tree and had to grip the limbs with my thighs and shove myself forward, though at the time I didn't know what had happened I can still remember that first orgasm and I wish I could experience it once again. I quickly learned that I could climb the swing set at school and by holding onto the Pipe(it was a pipe structure) and pulling my knees up and sliding them down the pipe I could massage my cock and boy what a great feeling. I still sometimes put my cock between my thighs and pump it to a great orgasm.

I am a 51 year old male and have been divorced for twenty years and have not had sex with a female partner for over ten years. I became worried about std's and have abstained for all these years and pleasured myself. For the most part, I masturbated on the average of about 4 times per week over the last twenty years and recently have cut it back to about once or twice a week. But when I masturbate it is usually for two plus hours, though I generally only orgasm once I enjoy taking the time and pleasuring myself. It is very satisfying and relaxing to just stroke it for hours at a time. That is the joy of not being circumcised you can stroke it for hours.

There are many toys and tools available for masturbation and I have tried alot of them but I have found that Rosy Palm and her 5 lovely daughters is by far the best method. I can't speak for the ladies, but after about 8500 orgasms, I can speak for the men. It is my greatest fantasy go masturbate for a woman live and to watch her masturbate with me to orgasm. Recently I have been fantasizing getting a VidCam for my computer and masturbating for women to see free over the Internet. That way, we would not have talk, just masturbate!

I grew up in a very, how should I say it, reserved household regarding sex and it stayed with me all my life I still will not talk to anyone about masturbation and still get embarrassed around men who make wise cracks about the act. I enjoy the stories here on your great site and get very turned on while reading them usually in the nude as I am now. Once I finish this I will pleasure myself for the second time today and enjoy it immensely.

Thank you for, such a liberating site!



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Sat, 03/22/2014 - 05:51
Nici (not verified)

I had my first orgasm climbing and even today despite a healthy sex life and regular masturbation those climbing orgasms are still the best. My favourite fantasy a true story takes me back to when I was 14 and still a virgin. Our house used to back on to the school playing field and not twenty yards from my back door was the playground and swingset bars where I first felt that amazing feeling. In the summer before we had air conditioning I would lay naked on the bed in the stiffelling heat caressed by the occasional waft of fresh air through my open window. it was after midnight and I became aware of a rather unusual rhythmic squeak coming from the play ground. I went to the window and there on the swing set was a boy arms hooked around the top bar legs pumping up and down on the central pole. The squeak came from his pumps on the steel and I instantly knew what he was doing I had pleasured my self so many times on that very pole. My Pusey went instantly wet and my nipples ached for a touch. I grabbed what I thought was my dungarees and hurried down the stairs and into the garden to get a better look from the garden fence. By the time I reached the back door I realise two things one I had picked up my denim jacket and two he had slid down the pole. Slipping on my jacket I carefully opened the door and ran across the grass to the fence, along by the gate was a hole which would give me a view of the swingset Unfortunately the boy was not to be seen so I slipped through the gate carefully alert to the simple fact I was completely naked from the waist down. He had gone and it had missed what was to be the fantasy of my life. Disappointed I sort solace in the very pole his body had been clinging on to and without thinking jumped up to a climbing position my already moist Pusey slid beautifully up the cool steel as my clit bumped against it. As nice as this felt as soon as I reached the tee bar I soon had my legs apart and away from the pole as I could now feel that glorious warmth of the funny feeling expanding in my tummy and down from my groin. Oh god it was so good my humping drove it up and out as my Pusey flooded with juice and my orgasm over took me. It was wonderful and nothing else mattered more than the picture I had in mind of the boy pumping away until it started to subside. I finally opened my eyes and looked down and to my absolute astonishment the boy was sat just a couple of feet from the gate I had come through. He had his prick in his hand and was wanking it furiously. Some how or another I had missed him first when I looked through the hole in the fence and then in the dark as I walked from the gate. I froze not knowing what to do watching him intently as his wanking motion intensified until his body jerked and came to a abrupt halt. I guessed he had cum but really could only make out his silhouette. We watched each other intently like a cat watches it's prey but my arms were getting tired and my legs needed to reposition on the pole, just as before the humping motion started the funny feeling and I slowly moved my legs in search of another feeling. This time it was quicker and stronger. The pleasure seared through my body and my pelvis was now up against the pole my clit firmly rubbing its lubricated surface. Heaven is then only description I can now give to this second orgasm that wracked through my young body as I slowly had to slide down from the top my arms so tired they could not support me any longer. At the bottom I opened my eyes but the boy was gone. I was very aware now I was half naked and rushed back to bed checked the window for the boy but he was nowhere to be seen

poles and climbing

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 15:12
dom (not verified)

I too have/had a fetish with climbing poles, small trees and pretty much whatever I could wrap my legs around and straddle. I've searched the internet and I am absolutely astounded that there are no videos, or at least none that I have found, showing anyone climbing and cumming. I've seen videos of women on stripper poles doing their routines and I've seen youtube videos showing people climbing poles and such. But I have yet to find any videos showing what Nici is experiencing. Or a guy with his stiff cock to one side of the pole as he reaches that point and cums all over.
I'm thinking there must be climbing fetish sites on line but I just havent found any.
If anyone knows of any videos online I would really LOVE to see them.


Mon, 10/09/2017 - 10:54
Spirit0665 (not verified)

  It seems strange to write about this now so
many years after its first occurrence, but it was something that changed my
life forever by virtue of something that happened by complete accident and
surprise. Like so many of us “Climbers” the “Funny Feeling” started at a time
in my life where I had not the slightest desire, thought, knowledge or urge to
even consider the opposite sex several years before puberty was even a

To this day I still remember that very first experience which happened as a
result of PE (Physical Education) class in the 3rd grade. On that particular
day, the gym had 20 or 25-foot-tall and 1 ½” thick climbing ropes suspended
from the ceiling and our job as students was to follow the rather stern
commands of the gym teacher and taskmaster who ordered us to climb them. Before
long my name was called, and being one of exceptional upper body strength even
then, I was not too worried about climbing the rope as I climbed all types of
things constantly anyway. Well, I started up the rope with relative ease with
some struggle and almost immediately I started to feel this “Tickle” in my
lower stomach region a couple inches below the bellybutton that seemed to
increase with each thrust upward with my legs and arms on the rope to move ever
higher. Before long and near the top, this tickle feeling radically expanded
downward to my groin, legs and ankles whilst at the same time moving up my
chest. This feeling was the most incredible feeling ever! In fact it was so
intense that the only thing I could do is hang onto the rope for dear life with
my eyes rolled back in their sockets, teeth clenched and paralyzed in total
bliss!! At that time I could not ejaculate semen as normal for young boys.
I don’t know how long I was up there but the orgasm continued for as long as I
held onto the rope and never stopped! Soon enough however there were shouts
from below to come down (which I did not want to do because of the amazing
feeling my body was experiencing) but eventually I had to slide down to appease
the crowd below that had gathered to watch the spectacle on the rope above. As
I slid down the rope to the bottom I just rested on the floor mats in a state
of trance bliss unable to make sense of what just happened. I was hooked for

It took me sometime to discover that this amazing feeling wasn’t the rope at
all, but rather the combined action of climbing upwards on a pole, rope or door
(2” stripper poles are the best) whereby you open and raise your legs to 90
degrees, clinch the pole then reach up higher/pull up on the pole at the same
time and repeat the process. The feeling begins as a faint tickle in the lower
abdomen area, but with continued perseverance the feeling eventually engulfs
your entire body in the most amazing orgasm it can self-produce. The orgasm
itself has nothing to do with rubbing of the penis on the rope or pole, but
rather the neuromuscular action of the climbing motion itself coupled with the
strain of holding your weight up with your upper body. The feeling is so
intense that it is nearly beyond description and at least for me is 9000 times
more intense than a “Regular” way of achieving orgasm (Believe me, I am well

These days when I climb the visualization is so intense that I usually have
slippery “Pre Cum” running in a small river down my scrotum in anticipation of
the forthcoming climb. Of course some visualization comes into play as well,
and being a heterosexual male I visualize a female (Completely bald vulva) on
an opposite pole doing the same thing. Combined with the tickle feeling raging
in my body while climbing I literally burst semen when it hits!  Just
typing this sends shivers down my spine!

It’s amazing to me that this phenomenon reportedly occurs to both sexes at
about the same ratio (10-15%) and just the other day an old friend of mine confided in
me that it also happened to him at the same time.

This phenomenon is amazing and it just
boggles the mind how intense the orgasm is from the climbing motion. From that
very first time I discovered this by accident (Climbing gym ropes) until now,
the process still works the same with that burning ember of pleasure starting
in the lower abdomen but also underneath in the perineum area that rapidly
envelopes the body with such intense pleasure its hard to describe. That
perineum area (which would be where the entrance to the vagina had I been
female) just radiates out in amazing pleasure at the same time the lower
abdomen radiates downward to the groin area and down the legs. It amazes me
that the entire penis becomes so loaded with pleasure rather than just the
frenulum area versus if one is doing a “conventional” way of masturbating. It
really is a total body experience far exceeding a conventional wanking or
intercourse event. When I cum from the climbing action of a pole (2" OD is
the best!) I don't just ejaculate, I burst semen that is audibly heard when it
splashes on the floor! It’s so intense that I remain highly aroused for at
least a full day afterward which usually requires at least 2 more times on the
pole to "Get it out of my system" and of course its highly addictive
because once your body experiences this level of pleasure it craves it again
and one finds themselves thinking about the next session. It is for that reason
I installed a regulation polished brass stripper pole in my house (Vaulted
ceiling) that is about 14' high, because for me I climb naked from the waist
down for the ultimate experience. Getting caught is just not an option at my
age!  I also do allot of fantasizing during the climb and being a
heterosexual male, I imagine in my mind’s eye a female on an opposite pole
doing the same thing by repeatedly raising her legs, letting the drop and doing
it over again until orgasm. For me I like Women completely bald of pubic hair
so that's a huge turn on too, but I would also wouldn't mind seeing a video of
a guy doing this too just to compare techniques.

In researching this phenomenon, I gather that just about 10%-15% percent of
Males and Females can cum this way but I suspect many more than that can. When
going through puberty one tends to forget about climbing and moves on to other
means of masturbation, but strangely the super intense orgasm from climbing
always remains in the dim recesses of the mind.

I am absolutely astounded that this part of
sexuality is virtually undiscovered via videos and general discussion because I
am sure many had their first orgasm this way.

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