Asian Penis

blood vessel?
Asian Penis
Asian Penis
Asian Penis
Asian Penis
Asian Penis

People always joke on Asian penis size......but woman, you are going to to bed with one guy, not whole group of that race.........

There are also several differences between a white and a Asian you can see...the color, the shape, and the feeling....check it out!

Personally, I feel that a penis of white feels like little soft rubber, it still can swing around when erotic, but an Asian penis, maybe shorter, gonna be very hard when erotic. You will see An Asian erect very fast.......He don't need you to work very hard using your head and mouth blowing his penis.....

Have you ever had sex with a Asian guy? How did you feel about it? Is inter-race sex amazing? I am an Asian guy, and would like to have a try with a white lady, it is gonna be every exciting.........

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i've been with an asian man...

newbiehere's picture
Tue, 06/09/2009 - 21:48

... sorry, all it did was support the stereotype.

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