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Posted at 6:45 AM Fri by Carlin Ross
I've been waiting for some celebrity with curves to release an ass shot with no photoshopping displaying her cellulite in all its glory and it's finally happened.  This week Kim K posted this...
Posted at 6:23 AM Fri by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty I might not have such a special problem, it seems like there are questions sort of like mine all over the internet, but few people take it seriously or they take a PC approach to...
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Posted at 3:07 PM Tue by Carlin Ross
Betty and I used to see each other three times a week and every Friday, rain or shine, we did a video and posted it to youtube. When I had Grayson, I took 3 months off. Thereafter, we got together...
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Posted at 7:49 AM Fri by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty, I'm 22 years old and a virgin and I have never had an orgasm. I masturbate fairly regularly, sometimes multiple times a day, but I can never seem to get myself all the way there. I know...
Posted at 7:33 AM Thu by Carlin Ross
Jenny Block took a workshop about a year ago and has been writen several pieces about the experience. Just when I think she's written the best article about the workshops and Betty's brilliance she...
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Posted at 7:41 AM Tue by Carlin Ross
Betty did a series of market drawings in 2004 that she called her "granny porn".  This is one of my favorite images. 
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Posted at 2:21 PM Sun by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty, When I was pregnant, I developed a growth of skin on one side of my clitoral hood. My OBGYN said she would remove it while I was delivering but for some reason or another it didn't happen...
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Posted at 2:17 PM Sun by Amy W
I’m just barely back from the out-of-this-world experience of a Bodysex workshop. It’s an incredible honor to facilitate, to witness profound change and re-birth. All my new sister goddesses and I...
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Posted at 12:23 PM Sat by Carlin Ross
We wrote this book for our certification program. Our future Bodysex leaders wanted a manual, a step-by-step process with pictures, detailing how to run a workshop from beginning to end. I'm not...
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Posted at 8:08 AM Tue by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty, I just had an incident with my brand new razor. I was shaving, and I have hair just inside of my vaginal lips, so I tried to shave them... And felt a slight sting during. I thought...
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Posted at 7:57 AM Tue by Carlin Ross
This is one of Betty's earlier paintings.  I love her group nudes because you can see something brewing in her work - her nudes are restless looking for more.  In only a few years, Betty...
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Posted at 2:57 PM Mon by Betty Dodson
Hi, Betty, I have been using sex toys for many years. I am currently not with a partner. Recently I got more than one uti without having the typical painful uti symptoms. There were no symptoms at...
Posted at 1:32 PM Mon by Amy W
To feel confident and sexy. To feel desired and desirous. This is the gift Betty Dodson has given me. And I am not only forever grateful. I am impassioned about sharing this beauty and this work...
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Posted at 7:46 AM Fri by Betty Dodson
Hey. I'm not sure if my questions are for here, but i don't know who to ask and talk about it. So I'll be glad if you can answer. I'm 19y. lesbian in relationship for first time and we are 2 years...
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Posted at 7:39 AM Fri by Carlin Ross
One of our Bodysex women - an Israeli artist - sent me this image and I love it.  The whimsy, the eroticism, the beauty speak to me.  This is how I see womankind.
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